MID WINTER BREAK- pick up only JAN 23-27 and FEB 6-10. NO PICK UP OR DELIVERY JAN 30 -FEB 3

Safety Protocols

At Neighbourhood Refillery we take safety seriously!

You might be wondering if refilling is sanitary or how we minimize the risk of Covid-19. Here's what we do to make sure that refilling is safe for everyone:

  • My hands and my bulk containers are sanitized before and after every refill.
  • I will always wear a mask when maintaining distance is not possible or in indoor settings.
  • I will not refill containers that have left over product in them (to avoid cross contamination or product reactions). Give them a rinse before they are refilled. I will make exceptions for containers that will be refilled with more of the same product (just let me know ahead of time!)  
  • Most products have a 2 year self life. At the end of two years they may change colour or lose their smell. I won't sell anything within 6 months of it's best before date. 

Safe for you and safe for us! It's a win win! If you have any questions about safety please reach out!