Frequently Asked Questions

How it works:

  1. What is mobile refilling? 

We bring bulk unpackaged home and body products to your Neighbourhood!...well your door actually. Our goals are to make it easy for Barrie and area residents to shop sustainably, ethically and locally. All while reducing their carbon footprint and keeping garbage out of the waste stream!

2. How does it work?

Browse the website! When adding products to your cart you can choose between :

REFILL- You order the product by weight (oz). The number in the quantity selector is how many ounces you are purchasing. On delivery day we fill up the containers you leave for us. This option is not available for pick up.

PREFILL- You order the products in predetermined weights. The displayed price has a jar deposit fee. On delivery day we drop off the prefilled jars at your home. When you are done with the jar clean it and save it until your next delivery. On your next delivery day leave your jar outside and we will collect it. As long as it is clean and still in usable condition we will refund you the deposit fee by way of discount code which can be applied to your next order. 

Another PREFILL option is to enter the code: prefillreuse at checkout. The $1 deposit fee will be subtracted from all eligible items and your product will come in an upcycled container. This is a great option if you prefer not to have deposit jars hanging around. 

ORIGINAL PACKAGING- you know...the usual way to buy stuff!

3. What if I don't have my own containers? 

Not a problem! First, shop your house. A yogurt container is a great holder for toilet tablets. Squeeze bottles (honey, ketchup) make fantastic shampoo, conditioner and body wash containers. Spice shakers are perfect for dry shampoo. You probably have more then you think! 

Nothing in your home that will work? Before adding the item to your cart you can choose the prefill option and we will supply the product in a deposit jar. When the jar is returned (in usable condition) you get your deposit back by way of discount code which can be applied to your next purchase! 

Or, enter the code: prefillreuse at checkout and the $1 deposit jar fee will be removed from all eligible items and your products will come in upcycled containers.  


  1. Where do you deliver?

Barrie- Free Delivery

Midhusrt- Free Delivery

Innisfil- $5 delivery fee to an L9S postal code. (Tuesday Deliveries) 

Hillsdale-$5 delivery (please message to have your postal code added)

Near Barrie residents are always welcome to pick up from us. To be added to a delivery zone contact us! 

2. How soon after ordering will I get my delivery?

Within 48 hours in Barrie!  (with the exception of weekends and holidays) After you order we will email you to confirm your delivery date and instructions. In order to reduce the amount of driving we do, we will do our best to group orders in near by neighbourhoods together while still getting you your product in a timely fashion! Innisfil residents can expect their deliveries on Tuesdays. 

3. Can I pick my order up? 

Of course! Choose the local pick up option at checkout and we will email you when your order is ready for pickup! This will only apply to Prefill and originally packaged products.

4. Do you deliver to apartments? 

Yes!! Leave instructions in the notes at checkout. If needed, we can also arrange a delivery time for when you are home. Alternatively, you can also order prefilled and pick up from us!


  1. How do your prices compare to traditionally packaged products?

There are some huge perks to buying unpackaged! You can buy in quantities that are the best for your family. Something new? Buy a little. Something you love? Stock up!  

When you buy from Neighbourhood Refillery you are buying sustainability made products sourced as local as possible. Any products bought in original packaging are compostable or reusable. Ingredients are all listed on the product pages and are safe for your home, the planet, your body and families. 

Can you say all that about the products you buy at the grocery store?

Anywho... all that to say we do our best to keep prices in line with conventional shopping options! And, you will find very affordable products at Neighbourhood Refillery. We buy products in bulk and pass the savings along to you! 

2. What payment types do you take? 

When ordering online you can pay by all major credit cards, Pay Pal, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Interac. 

If you would rather email or phone in your order we also accept e-transfer. 

3. How much is delivery?

If your delivery address has a Barrie postal code (L4M, L4N, L9J, L9X), delivery is FREE!!

Innisfil residents with a L9S postal code will have a $5 delivery fee added at checkout. 

If you live outside of the above postal codes please email to discuss a minimum order amount for your neighbourhood! Or, you can arrange to pick your up with no minimum order! (Pick up available for Prefill and originally packaged products only). 


  1. Do you carry fragrance free options? 

We do! Type fragrance free in the search bar and browse the options. 

2. Tell me more about the products you carry!

Everything we carry is cruelty free, sourced as locally as possible, good for your body, good for your home and good for our planet! Sustainable, ethical, local awesomeness. 

3. But what about labels? 

We know, it's a little different not having a label on your stuff! But don't worry. On the product pages we make sure to list directions for use and ingredients. Just check there if there's something you need to know! 

4. Some of this stuff isn't as sudsy as the stuff I usually buy. 

Oh bubbles, so delightful and fun for all ages. I will admit that I too missed the bubbles when switching to more sustainable products. A  key ingredient in making bubbles and foam is sodium laureth sulfate (SLES) and popular detergent sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). This is a synthetic ingredient that is found in most bubbly products including dish soap, shampoo, shower gel and toothpaste. While is does make a nice foam it is also considered an irritant ( at the very least), and can be contaminated with ethylene oxide and 1,4-dioxane (know carcinogens).  Ethylene oxide is know to harm the nervous system and  1,4-dioxane doesn't degrade easily which means it has the potential to build up in water systems after it has been washed away from your house. SLS in particular is known to be toxic to aquatic organisms. 

      In the products carried at Neighbourhood Refillery we steer clear of              these two ingredients. And, while your product may not be as bubbly            we promise it will still do it's job. 

      To learn more about SLES and SLS click here.

Anything we didn't cover? Ask us