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Program Guides


Refill // Prefill //and Jar donation programs


1. place your order by weight // 2. on delivery day leave your clean, labelled containers outside and we will come and fill them up. 


1. select prefill when placing your order. All prefill prices include a $2 deposit jar fee // 2. on delivery day we will drop off a mason jar with your product in one of our deposit jars // 3. on your next delivery day leave any clean deposit jars outside and we will pick them up // 4. for every jar that is returned in useable condition we will refund your deposit fee by way of discount code which can be applied at your next purchase. 


1. order by weight// 2. in the notes section on the checkout page state that you would like your order to come in upcycled jars // 3. your order will be dropped off or placed in the pick up bin in previously loved (but cleaned and sanitized) jars.

You are also welcome to leave out your clean jars to be collected for use in this program. 

Waste Diversion 

Did you know we offer to collect certain items from your household to ensure they don't end up in the land fill? 

We collect your:

1. Batteries (excluding lithium ion)

2. Writing Utensils (markers, pens, etc)

3. Soft plastics (labelled as 2 or 4) -must be clean

Read Below for more information! 


1. on delivery or pick up day place finished batteries outside with your containers. Please make sure that all batteries are stored safely.  // 2. That's it! 


1. on delivery or pick up day place old, empty or dry writing instruments outside with your containers. //  2. we will collect them and bring them to Staples, who has partnered with Terracycle, to be recycled. // 3. feel awesome about you eco-friendly decluttering! 


1. collect household soft plastics labelled as plastic 2 or 4 (plastic you can stretch such as grocery bags, bread bags, ziplock baggies ect). Make sure that that are clean and free from debris or residue. // 2. On delivery or pick up day place leave your soft plastics out with your jars and we will collect them. //3. All collected soft plastics will be donated to Amanda at K, There Co. She turns them into functional art!